Mahabalipuram Temples

Mahabalipuram Temples

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram

The Shore Temple Mahabalipuram is the earliest and structural monument on the shoreline of Bay of Bengal. First stone symphony made by Pallavas is constructed in the 7th century during the rule of King Narsimha-Varman II Rajasimha. Shore Temple illustrates the royal taste of Pallava dynasty in Mahabalipuram temples history. and it is one of the royal and amongst the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in India.

The Shore temple Mahabalipuram is the most complex group of all the temples comprises of three Mahabalipuram temples, where the prominent two temples are devoted to Lord Shiva and the one temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu. All these two shrines placed one behind the other. Two Shiva Temple facing east and the other Vishnu Temple west and these two temple are separated by a third temple. The outer walls and the internal side of the edge wall are richly carved and sculptured. Mahabalipuram temples are the good example of pallava arts. There is Dwarka Palaks which is carved marvelously at the entrance facing at the Shiva temple.

Inside the temple there is stunning sculptures of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva with Parvati and their both Skanda and Ganesh found near the wall. Magnificent of sculptures of Narasimha and Goddess Durgha are also present in the temple. All these Mahabalipuram temples is surrounded by beautiful mandapas. In temple there is a rock-cut of a lion rode which is made by two young women.In the satue of lion small and square shaped cut is present on its belly. Enormous rock nearby to the temple has been the intention of the waves to touch it from the earliest days. Carving of a buffalo demon running with a stick in his hand situated in the north side. Mahabalipuram temples looks attractive due to the lights during weekend evenings.

Ratha Temple Mahabalipuram

Pancha Rathas Mahabalipuram

Pancha Ratha (five chariots) is located on the seashore of the Bay of Bengal about 60km from the Chennai. Ratha temple Mahabalipuram is glorious and astonishing architecture of mahabalipuram temples history.

It is constructed in the 7th century by the King Narshima. There are eight Ratha in Mahabalipuram out of which Five rathas are named after the five Pandavas of Mahabharata and one after Draupadi, the wife of Pandava brothers. Dharma raja Ratha, the Bhima Ratha, the Arjuna Ratha, the Draupadi Ratha and the Nakul Sahadev Ratha are the famous five rathas. The Ratha temple Mahabalipuram abide demonstration to the artistic genius of Indian architects in ancient times. Mahabalipuram temples gives the creativity of the Pallava rulers.

Arjun Ratha Mahabalipuram

Arjuna Penanace Mahabalipuram

The Arjuna's penance is one of the magnificent group of monuments amongs the Mahabalipuram temples. The monuments and sanctuaries were built by the Pallava. Arjun ratha mahabalipuram is one of the most stunningly carved structures of ratha temple Mahabalipuram. It is an enormous relief made on two massive boulders. One of the biggest open-air rock canvases in the world, the Arjuna's penance is 31m long and 9m high. The surface of the rock has detailed carvings, showing the most endearing and natural renditions of animals especially the elephants and monkeys.

In one of the figure Arjuna who is standing on one leg is said to be performed severe austerities so that he could obtain Lord Shiva's weapon to receive a boon from Shiva as an aid in fighting the Mahabharata war to to destroy his enemies. Arjuna's Ratha Mahabalipuram has over 100 figures of gods and semi divine creatures, birds and beasts, man and saint. In Mahabalipuram temples all the figures that are sculptured on the rock are remarkable for their liveliness and impulsiveness of the sculptors.

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